Men: Wash your hands in the urinal

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I wonder what the late comedian Lenny Bruce would have thought about this; he did a scandalous monologue about pissing in the sink that got him arrested in 1964. Now designer Kaspar Jursons has designed a sink combines a urinal with a sink on top; after you use the urinal you can wash your hands at the same fixture, and the grey water from the sink cleans the urinal. Lenny's problem solved.

Toilets with sinks built into the tank are fairly common in many parts of the world, but urinals with sinks are not; the green trend has been toward waterless urinals. But a lot of men don't bother washing their hands after they pee; perhaps if the sink was staring them in the face and they knew they would be flushing the thing at the same time, they might be more likely to do so.

The designer claims that it saves water, time and space. Unlike a Yanko version of this we showed a few years ago, this unit is in production and available in Europe for about $600.

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Men: Wash your hands in the urinal
Here is a whizzy design that saves water, space and time for men who have to go.

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