LG's Steam Washing Machine uses 35% Less Water


LG call this the "first ever Steam Direct Drive washer that uses steam technology to clean garments." What they don't do is tell us how it accomplishes this feat. We learn it has 9 washing modes, error message indicators and various other do-dads. And let's not forget that it comes in a line of prints (!), and colours as well. We are told it is a A++ energy rated washer that uses 35% less water. Less than a top loader? Less than a traditional LG front loader of the same size? We don't know, although we are informed that not having a belt to spin the drum makes it completely silent. All of which is wonderful but a little noise on what makes it perform would have been welcome. Sells for about £1,000 or $1,818 USD. ::LG Steam Direct Drive,via Appliancist.com, from a tip by Tony.