High-Tech Bidets Save Paper and Your Health

Bidet Seat

High-tech bidet seats! They are an efficient extension to the toilet, and sport features such as jets of heated air, remote controls and various water massage settings. Bidets are more hygienic than using toilet paper, and they can pay for themselves by eliminating the need to purchase the paper. Instead, bidets use jets of water and heated air to clean and dry your posterior. There are many hygiene benefits related to keeping everything cleaner and fresher down there.Bidets use a modest amount of water and electricity and there are also non-electric bidets available. The seats can be installed on an existing toilets relatively easily. They attach to the existing water supply through a double adapter and a hose. Some popular brands include Biobidet, Brondell and Toto. You can see a range of models on the Cleanrite site.

There's also hand-held bidets and travel bidets available. A book about bidets has been written, it explains the advantages of a bidet in detail and has many shopping tips.