gDiapers: the New Flushable Diaper

Taking heed of the fact that a single diaper can take 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill, gDiapers have designed an absorbent diaper insert that can be safely flushed once baby has done his/her business. gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, perfumes, smell or garbage, and the damp ones can even make good compost -- they recommend that the brown ones always get flushed down. How is flushing good for the planet, you ask? Simple. Poop goes down the toilet, and that's where it belongs. While toilet clogging remains a risk, gDiapers gently urges users to "know thy toilet," which, when we think about it, is good advice for anyone. For anyone still skeptical, check out this enthusiastic testimonial from tipster Molly:"We were a little worried about the whole flushing down the toilet idea, but it works just fine in our toilet at home (and we don't use the special swish stick). The flushable inserts come in packs of 40 and cost just about the same amount as a pack of 40 Seventh Generation disposable diapers. So, once you order the outer reusable diapers (they come in 'starter' packs of two with 10 flushable inserts) for US $25 you just need to order the flushable inserts. We have found that it is best to have about four loaded and ready to use gDiapers around the house so you can just grab one and change baby. No leaks so far. Everything has stayed contained in the flushable insert. We are impressed."

Still concerned? The flushable pad met the Water Environment Research Foundation acceptance criteria specifically in regards to bowl and trap clearance, plus, gDiapers and the National Sanitation Foundation tested six toilets for flushability, and each one passed (no pun intended). The flushables are made of a water resistant, breathable outer material that keep bottoms dry and wetness away. They are made of all natural fiber and are 100% biodegradable. The interior uses elemental chlorine-free tree farmed fluff pulp and poly-acrylate to absorb wetness. The website are instructions for composting the wet inserts, as well as more details on their environmental and social responsibility initiatives. gDiapers is all about getting young TreeHuggers started early, and we're all for that. For anyone not in the greater Portland, OR area, gDiapers can be had here. ::gDiapers