gDiapers Earns Cradle to Cradle Certification


When we wrote about gDiapers a couple of months ago, it created quite a stir. Seems our readers weren't convinced that a flushable/compostable diaper lining was a good idea. After all, we are talking about baby's health and the planet's health together, and we don't like to mess with either. Lucky for us, the sustainability gurus over at McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) took a look and awarded them Cradle to Cradle certification. The certification process doesn't look easy; MBDC evaluates the product’s ingredients and the complete formulation for human and environmental health impacts throughout its lifecycle and its potential for being truly recycled or safely composted. Certification of a finished product also requires the evaluation of energy-use quantity and quality, water-use quantity, water-effluent quality, and workplace ethics associated with manufacturing (read: they're made right). So congratulations to gDiapers -- they're the first Consumer Packaged Good to earn the certification. ::gDiapers via ::Musings of an Eco-Entrepreneur and ::gDiapers: The Early Years


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