From Bauhaus To Outhouse: A View For Two Improves The Design

keefe's crapper outhouse with window photo
at Wikipedia), there is still a proper place in the countryside for a well-designed outhouse. For a small cabin or prefab in the woods, especially with a dwelling occupied a few weeks each year by only a handful of people, it's a cheap solution to a human problem as old as civilization.

The outhouse shown here is made entirely of recycled materials - nails included - except for the roofing. Way cheaper than a composting toilet. At night, a 12 Volt DC bulb provides inside lighting. And, during daytime, the picture window (inside view shown below the fold) enables the user to read and helps keep odors down. Plus, you get to enjoy the view...and make polite conversation regarding the impact of climate on the landscape, peer reviewed publications on preserving biodiversity, and so on, whilst both holes are occupied.[Homage to Ben Franklin]

keefes'crapper view from left hole photo

Picture perfect left-hole view from inside the outhouse.

More than just a view is offered by the un-privy design. Count the advantages. Water use is zero; and no fans or pumps are needed, keeping electricity use to a minimum. Better chance of carbon sequestration than a "clean coal" plant, too.

I know what you're thinking. 'In the winter you'll freeze your asparagus.'

Toilet seats are hung over the wood stove back at the cabin. Each Visitor carries out a warm one: problem solved.

In maybe 50 years, demolish the outhouse, have a nice bonfire, cover the hole, and build a new one with used building materials - saving the window of course.

Strong Caveats.
Any outhouse must be isolated by a significant distance and slope from any nearby well: check local public health code if you want guidance.

Include a place to store a bucket of odor-fighting lime and a broom.

Design your house or cabin to subsequently add a toilet indoors, should that become necessary in the event of your survivalist instincts causing a full time shift to the world of off-grid living.

No matter what, include a picture window. Life is too short to do it in the dark.

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