Fox News In Shock: Composting Toilets Don't Smell

Lloyd has long been making the case that civilized people do have composting toilets in their house, and I have even dared suggest that some pretty rudimentary composting toilets can be plush and fragrant when designed correctly.

But it's not just us TreeHuggers who are cottoning on that flushing away our poop with clean drinking water isn't the only way of dealing with our waste.

Even Fox News has decided to explore the pluses and minuses of the composting toilet, and they seem to have come away rather surprised:

It turns out, however, that compost toilets are – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – not gross. I spoke to Fraser Sneddon, manager of the Sun-Mar Corporation, and immediately got down to the most important question: Do compost toilets smell? I figured if the answer to that question was yes, there wasn’t much need for any other questions. Fraser explained a couple of things right out of the gate. First, he said, “All of our models have a vent stack. The venting does help insure we have no odor.”

The vent stacks, which lead to outside of wherever the toilet is housed, create negative pressure inside the toilet forcing air to always travel outwards . Some do this by relying on the natural air movement outside, while others have a continuously running fan to help things along.

Covering potential uses ranging from rural homes who want to reduce strain on the septic tank to households that want to add a bathroom but don't want to re-plumb the whole house, Fox News explains that the modern composting toilet has many practical uses. All-in-all this is a pretty "fair and balanced" report from a network whose environmental coverage often leaves a lot to be desired. It's a shame they had to sneak in some snide remarks about " handle bar mustache wearing youth" holding kombucha parties, but what can you do? I guess I am in danger of perpetuating the humorless environmentalist stereotype if I protest too hard.

Fox News In Shock: Composting Toilets Don't Smell
TreeHugger isn't the only place to sing the virtues of the modern composting toilet. But Fox News? Really?

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