Flushaway — Biodegradable Feminine Hygiene

As a rule we like stuff that is biodegradable. But when Consolidated Ecoprogress Technology Inc from Vancouver adopt the marketing catch phrase "Just Flush and Forget it" we need a little more convincing. They are referring to 'Flushaway', which is claimed to be "the world's first and only line of flushable, biodegradable feminine hygiene products." Now we agree that the estimate of 1 trillion napkins, liners and tampons ending up in North American landfills in 2030 is a scary thought. The Flushway pads and liners made from the "revolutionary B-9b film" might indeed be a partial solution that issue. However, forgetting about the flow of materials through the environment is what got us in this mess in the first place. While the product might have merit, we take issue with the selling strategy. Apparently the Flushaway biodegrades completely with 28 days, is currently available in Wal-Mart, with Kmart due to follow in January 2006 and South African supermarkets soon after. Via a CET press release with more at ::Flushway.