Envirolet Buzz

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Corporate blogs can be useful and entertaining if they try to add new items regularly and keep people interested. Treehugger has high hopes for the new blog from the makers of the Envirolet composting toilet- A good introduction to the concept and some interesting links. ::Envirolet Buzz by [LA]

mea culpa: Sun-mar and Envirolet both complained that we dumped all over (in the metaphorical sense) their products in a previous post. Sun-mar pointed out that we were not using the proper mix of sawdust and peat moss, which would lead to clogging; and we point out that we did not crap on the envirolet, we own one and are happy with it. We happened to really like the Multoa but point out that it costs far more and works on the same principles as the others. Readers have also pointed out that it is harder for men to pee into the Multoa than the others due to its seat-activated doors.