Eco-Showerhead - The Real Deal From Real Goods

First, we posted about the WaterTile by Kohler, but some of you weren't impressed by the 2.5 gallon/minute flow rate (and the $199 price was steep). Okay, we're listening, so we posted about Bricor's One Gallon Per Minute Showerhead (with a more reasonable price of around $40). Better, no? Well, an anonymous reader found an even better deal: A low-flow showerhead by Real Goods that has a flow rate of 1.2 gallon/minute and a "pause" button that allows you to stop the water while soaping up or applying shampoo (and the price is $12!). Not as sexy as the WaterTile, but a clear winner on the "less is more" front.

::Real Goods Low-Flow Showerhead