Dual-Flush Toilet Retrofit, With Adjustable Flush (Video)

brondell simple flush dual flushing toilet system photo

Image credit: Brondell Simple Flush
Dual-flush toilets have always been popular here on TreeHugger. After all, it seems insane to use the same amount of drinking water to flush your number ones as your number twos. (It actually seems insane to use drinking water at all, but that's another story.) But rather than just advocating ripping out your old fixture—we've always been keen on adapting your old throne. From the Aquanotion TwoFlush retrofit kit to a DIY free dual flush toilet-hack, there are plenty of options out there. But the Simple Flush retrofit from Brondell—the same folks who brought us an eco-friendly toilet seat and bidet— looks like a particularly smart choice. Here's why. I myself have been thinking of getting a retro-fit dual flush kit for some time now. Yet I've always resisted—concerned that if the kit's flush is too low, we'll have wasted money and time, and we'll ultimately waste water by having to flush twice. (Of course, being a fan of peeing in public, peeing on your compost, and the selective flush, I don't flush that often anyway...)

But where the Brondell Simple Flush gets smart is that it allows you to adjust the water flow for your specific toilet. (And perhaps the size of your, errrm, deposits?) The video below has more info on the installation process. While the aesthetic design of the unit itself is not to my tastes, I must admit the system looks pretty darned effective. I want one.

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