Dual Flush Toilet by Caroma

We’ve talked about the no-flush urinals, but what about toilets for the *other* waste us humans continually produce? The folks at Caroma have figured it out with the dual-flush toilet. But don’t be fooled, this toilet doesn’t flush two times it actually has two different buttons, one for, er, how do we say this, #1 and #2 and it uses 0.8 and 1.6 gallons of water, depending on the flush. This single innovation with its Half Flush and Full Flush technology can reduce water usage by up to 67% compared with the traditional toilet that uses 2.9 gallons in a single flush. Caroma guarantees that this toilet is reliable, simple to use and has proven itself through a decade of rigorous testing. Pretty genius, actually. Thanks for the tip Dave M. – let us know how it’s working! :: Caroma [by KD]