Do you take baths? (Survey)

dalton trumbo
CC BY 2.0 Dalton Trumbo/ Wikipedia

The screenwriter Dalton Trumbo famously did his best writing in the bathtub. The stirring words "I AM SPARTACUS!" may well have been written while submerged, cigarette and whiskey close at hand. There is even a sculpture of him, bronzed in the tub, in his home town. According to Charlotte Sinclair in the Financial Times, everyone from Christian Dior to Agatha Christie did their best work in the tub. But the kicker is designer Tom Ford:

The conspicuously well-maintained Tom Ford professes to a five-a-day habit. “And, on a day when I’m particularly stressed, every hour or two,” the designer told film-makers in the documentary Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind. “I just lie in the water and kind of think. Or not think. It’s intensified as I get older. I don’t think my mother would have ever let me take five a day.”

Baths use three times as much water as a shower, and a lot of fuel to heat that water. My rough calculation is about 3.5 Kw-h of electricity (I couldn't figure it out in gas as easily), which would power 350 of the LED bulbs I am so careful to use to save energy in my home. But I love the occasional bath at this time of year. What about you?

Do you take baths? (Survey)
The designer Tom Ford takes FIVE of them every day. That's a bit much.

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