DIY Greywater Recycling in Los Angeles

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Image credit: Greywater Corps

We have seen great examples of safe, legal greywater systems, and we've also seen the more covert greywater guerrilla approach. Now a Los Angeles company is planning on taking greywater recycling firmly into the mainstream, and they want to teach you how to do it too. Graywater Corps was founded by Leigh Jerrard—a LEED-accredited architect who worked for Frank Gehry—and Voula Dasakis—a self-described "reformed architect". The team met at an intensive 5-day Greywater Installer's course run by the Greywater Guerrillas, and later teamed up with landscape designer Melissa Guerrero and carpenter Brian Miller.

The crew's gallery shows some awesome-looking greywater recycling systems in domestic and commercial settings, but they aren't just focused on design and installation. Greywater Corps is also running a series of workshops to allow homeowners to implement their own solutions for reusing their waste water.

Their next event, a two-day seminar and hands-on workshop, is scheduled for September 19th and 25th in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles at an artist-designed eco-house that is described as "part urban homestead and part magical hillside paradise." And before you ask, yes, it is all perfectly legal:

"Early this year, in response to three years of drought in California, the State of California finalized emergency greywater standards that rewrote decades of prohibitive and anti-environmental legislation. Greywater irrigation systems are now legal throughout the state, and many cases can be installed without requiring a building permit. This new law will save millions of gallons of drinking water, water that is pumped hundreds of miles from the Sacramento and Colorado rivers at tremendous financial and ecological cost. "

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