Composting Toilets Work, Even in Antarctica


Petz wrote earlier about E-Base 2041, described by explorer Robert Swan: " We are using green, innovative and sustainable materials and applying them to the cleanest coldest place on earth. The E-Base will serve as a model globally and locally." Scott at Envirolet informs us that they have a composting toilet (double conflict alert: 1) they advertise on TreeHugger and 2) I own one just like the one in Antarctica) and by all appearances in the video, they seem to be very happy with it, calling it their "prized possession." I am surprised that it would work in such temperatures but evidently the heater is strong enough to keep it all from freezing.

Swan makes a big deal about leaving no trace and taking everything out; we wonder what they are doing with the compost. ::E-base 2041 via ::Envirolet Buzz See also TreeHugger: Thinking about Crap: Should Houses Have Composting Toilets? and The Governor General on Composting Toilets

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