Composting Toilets: Whose Is the Fairest of Them All?

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Despite prejudices, many of us know that composting toilets are often a remarkably pleasant place to do your business. From portable composting toilets for festivals, complete with potted plants and reading materials, to the affordable Lovable Loo that even makes pooping in a bucket look surprisingly sophisticated. Permaculture Magazine has already noted that compost toilets can be "plush and fragrant", and now they are staging a contest to find out who has the most pleasant composting toilet of all. But be warned, the first entrant (Monckton Wyld Court) is already setting the bar pretty high. Here's just a small taste of what makes this loo special:

  • Locally sourced (1/4 mile) and cut larch construction,

  • Ever-warm seat from Kernowrat (no fair weather alfresco pooing here),

  • Harvested and filtered rain-water for hand washing which is reused to flush the urine pipe,

  • South-facing effluent flue which heats to carry odour away,

  • Wind-up light and radio (currently Radio 2 to keep things moving) at child height,

  • Flip-down step for little users,

  • Wheelie bin collection of poo which enjoys a short down-hill trip to the three bay / three year thermophilic (it's what the man said) composting chambers (maths for this available on request)

  • Stunning leafy views.

Head over to Permaculture Magazine to enter their composting toilet smack-down. Or should that be crap down...?

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