Caroma Smartflush Toilets

Australia is a country that often faces droughts and urbanization has put additional demands on water reserves, so any device that saves water is of great benefit. That's why dual flush toilets have been in mainstream usage in Australia for about 10 years. Caroma, an Australian toilet manufacturer, recently produced a limited range of "Smartflush" toilets which reduce the full flush water requirement down to just 4.5 liters (1.18 gallons) — saving the average home up to 35,000 liters (9246 gallons) of water per year. They did this by reengineering the entire flushing process so that the cistern, pan and trap work as one optimized unit. Part of the requirement was that the flushing process be just as effective as a regular flush. So there's nothing to lose here, lets hope smart flushes catch on down under :: Caroma Smartflush [by Justin Thomas]