Can Potty Poetry Reduce Wasted TP?

bathroom graffiti photo

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We've all been in bathroom stalls where poetry (at least by a loose definition) has littered the walls. But who'd have thought that poetry in the potty could make you use less toilet paper? A study by the research center Japan Toilet Labo showed that it can make a big difference - cutting down paper use by 20%.Written poetically, the posters send messages like: "That paper will meet you only for a moment," "Fold the paper over and over and over again," and "Love the toilet."

Researchers said that toilet paper usage has been increasing in Japan as of late, and they hypothesize it's because it's free - people scrimp when they're at home. So they're pushing to have 1,000 posters put in public stalls to encourage people to cut down on how much toilet paper the use as one more small step to save the planet.

It puts a whole new twist on bathroom graffiti.

Via Reuters
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