Bucket Basics


Being in Thailand's remote island of Koh Tao for a couple of weeks reminds us the importance of conserving every last drop of freshwater. And as savvy and hip as most of us TreeHuggers are, some of us are looking for the tried and true, back to basics alternatives. We were reminded about that when we read some comments from the post on Spin, a prototype for a single motor, multi-appliance kitchen tool. Some of our readers commented that they would be just as happy running kitchen appliances based on the old treadmill method. In honour of keeping it simple, we present to you Israeli designer Sahar Batsry's "garden faucet". Sweet and simple, you can attach it to an outdoor faucet for collecting water -- or TreeHuggers in the city — you can add one to your bathroom sink for collecting small amounts of grey water for washing your underthings and watering the plants. ::Sahar Batsry