Bio-lux Composting Toilet: A New Throne for your Home


When it comes to composting toilets, we thought we had seen it all, but we missed the Bio-Lux. This Japanese unit uses sawdust as an "artificial soil matrix" to decompose human waste into odorless water and carbon dioxide through aerobic fermentation. You empty it twice a year and toss the compost in your flower garden. Most units are pretty industrial looking, but they are available in all their throne-like glory for residential use. These are big high capacity units: the smallest can be used 16-20 times per day, the biggest up to 200 times per day. But they are also not cheap, starting at about US$ 10,000.


There are good reasons for using composting toilets and for bringing them into the mainstream; all of the other water that we use in a home can be treated as grey water and re-used for irrigation, green roofs and other useful things. Connecting the toilet contaminates the whole thing, creates the need for expensive infrastructure and sewage treatment plants- Imagine if all that came out of your house was water for irrigation and compost for your garden- it really isn't waste at all. To paraphrase Alex Steffen, "Waste is just useful stuff in the wrong place at the wrong time"

An effective, easy to use, odor free composting toilet could be a great thing for cities- perhaps this is it, without the fancy woodwork. ::Bio-Lux found at ::Cottage Life