Bathroom has sink and tub built into the bed

I am kind of obsessed with bathrooms, and just built my own weird one with a sink in the hall and the toilet in a room of its own. (see Why am I building such a weird bathroom?). Now Metaform architects take it one step further in an apartment in Luxembourg, where they build the tub and a pair of sinks into the bed. This could be considered really efficient use of space, or it could be considered just weird.

bathroom sink© Steve Troes Fotodesign via Contemporist

I might copy those hanging mirrors. Terrible lighting though, spots behind your head like that. I am not quite sure how you would get into and out the tub; either climb over the end opposite the taps or go over the side from the bed, which does not seem wise if you want to keep the bedding dry.

bathroom in box© Steve Troes Fotodesign via Contemporist

It is always a good idea to put the toilet in its own room with ventilation. Making the room out of glass is, I suppose, a matter of taste. It is certainly more restrained than putting it in your living room.

Numi, © Kohler Numi, the perfect toilet for your Case Study House living room

Found on Contemporist, which is also bemused.

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