Award Winning Enviro Laundry Saves the Climate


Ozone, is a substance that like CO2, seems not only to require international treaties, but it likes cleaning stuff. Apparently NASA discovered it works a treat as a disinfectant, killing bacteria and making stains soluble at low temperatures. The result of which said to reduce water and energy use. The first company to the use the technology commercially in Australia is Sunshine Coast Laundry Service, who figure on saving 10 million litres of water (down by 40%), 85,000 litres of LP Gas and 20% of chemical and electricity usage (down by 30%) in one year. We’re told that the ozone dissipates during washing becoming oxygen, leaving no harmful emissions. The recent 11th annual Sunshine Coast Environment Awards gave the company a gong from Greenhouse Gas reductions. Seemingly the process has been successful in commercial use in the US from some time now, with domestic versions also turning up. Via the CSIRO.

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