Abundant Earth's Colorgrown Organic Cotton Towels

Slip into something more comfortable. The great thing about these plush towels, is there isn't much to say. Because they have no added extras. Not even dye. The colours you see are the unprocessed colours of the cotton. We expect natural cotton to be white. Ain't necessarily so. In places like Peru, Ecuador and Central America, thousands of years ago, they had short fibre, wild cotton lints in... ...brown, green and grey, as well as the more familiar white. But they were too short for commercial production. In the past decade or so the short, coloured cottons have been bred with longer white species. Now we have modern, long fibre, coloured organic cotton, free of any synthetic nasties. And the weird thing is they don't fade, the colours get richer with use. Abundant Earth sell colorgrown organic cotton face cloths, hand towels and bath towels, with the latter for $33. ::Abundant Earth [by WM]