5 Fun Faucets That Help You Save Water (Photos)

water saving sink drain by Roca© Roca

Happy World Water Day! Here are 5 faucets that help you reduce your water consumption by displaying in one way or another the amount of water used the moment you turn on that tap.

Faucet Buddy by Baek Uyeol

This little device can be attached to most existing faucets. It tells you the water's temperature as well as the liters that flow out through the tap. More information: Yanko Design

Roca's Digital Drain

Roca's sink drain saves water© Roca

Similar to Faucet Buddy, Roca's (the company behind the w+w toilet-with.sink) digital meter measures all the water that goes down the drain. The large digital numbers make it easy to read and in a way it makes more sense to measure what you waste than what you use. More information: is-arquitectura

1â„“imit Faucet by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh

The One Liter Limited is a beautiful tap with a glass tube that holds exactly one liter. The challenge is to wash your hands using only one liter, instead of six which is the average for a quick hand wash. Once the liter is used up, you need to turn off the tap and wait until another liter fills up the tube. More information: Yanko Design

Hego's Flower Basin

hego's flower basin saves water© Hego

This is a more poetic approach. When the tap is turned on, the water flows out from a vase; if you use it all up, the flowers are left without... More information on Hego Water design

Poor Little Fish by Yan Lu

poor little fish saves water sink© Yan Lu

Poor Little Fish takes the Flower basin one step further and replaces the flowers with fish! This installation aims to make water consumption tangible by playing with the consumer's emotions and thus, making him or her think about saving water. While opening the tap, the level of water in the bowl gradually falls but does not actually drain out. Then it goes back to the same level once the water stops running.

poor little fish saves water sink© Yan Lu

5 Fun Faucets That Help You Save Water (Photos)
By displaying the water consumption either digitally or emotionally, these 5 faucets help you save water.

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