2014: The year in poop

kids and toilet
© National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

Of course we have to start with the best toilet picture of the year, from a Tokyo museum exhibition on toilets, with the children wearing little poopy hats. More in A picture is worth: Toilet training in japan.

Reusable cloth diapers© Michael Graham Richard

We got up close and personal, with Mike explaining As a new father, here are 5 things I love about our reusable cloth diapers and not explaining why he doesn't use the ones he wrote about in When life gives you invasive jellyfish.... turn them into paper towels and diapers!

Derek explained Elimination communication: Why we use infant potty training, noting that " isn't the same as toilet training for older children, but it sure does make that process much easier."

lloyd bathroomLloyd Alter/ my bathroom/CC BY 2.0

I wrote a lot about my house renovation and my new bathroom, now complete and waiting for professional photography. Here's Why am I building such a weird bathroom with the sink in the hall, and Why I spent $1200 on a toilet seat and why you should too.

I have been writing about alternative toilets for years, and come late to the Jenkins Humanure system, which is surprisingly common and that everyone says is effective and odorless. Simple is often the best, but I haven't tried this yet. More in The hot poop on alternative toilets, Tiny house edition

How do you take a terrible idea for toilet and make it still worse? Put it in a terrible bathroom. Really, readers have been taking me to task for crapping on Bill Gates' overly-complicated Reinvent the Toilet winner, but this bathroom gets everything wrong, and that tile is really hard on the eyes. How to make a dumb idea for a toilet even worse? Put it in a dumb bathroom.

Now this toilet makes sense, Blue Diversion develops a toilet that's a lot more than flush and forget.

If Keurig or Nespresso ever get into the toilet business, this is what it will look like. It takes your offerings and shrink-wraps them into foil pouches that are then entombed in a landfill. I concluded in the post titled Is the DryFlush "The toilet that will change the world?" with "I totally understand how this toilet would be great on a small converted bus, or in a private jet. It is a very clever bit of design and engineering. But with all due respect, this is not the toilet that will change the world, except for the worse."

biological furnace© Goodbye to the flush toilet, Rodale Press

Because really, why would you landfill your vacuum-packed poop or nuke it in an electrochemical reactor when It can heat your house?

And of course we have to end with Sami's lesson in how to Recycle your urine to make invisible ink, and other fascinating uses for pee. Fun for the whole family!

2014: The year in poop
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