This Rescued Bat Can't Stuff Quite Enough Banana Into Those Ridiculous Cheeks

From the moment she arrived at the rescue, Miss Alicia seemed to have a one-track mouth. Snapshot from YouTube video/Batzilla the Bat

When you first find your favorite food, there’s a kind of hallelujah moment — a mouth-wide epiphany that has every taste bud singing for more. Until neither cheek nor belly can hold another crumb.

For Miss Alicia, though, there’s always more space.

Because we’re talking bananas here. And we’re talking about a fruit bat who came very close to not being around to stuff her face with them in the first place.

Her whole life, in fact, hinged on a hallelujah moment.

That’s when, according to a YouTube post, a woman in Queensland, Australia, heard a tiny thump against her car.

The woman pulled over and spotted a fruit bat laying on the road.

From there, she did everything right — not touching the injured animal, but covering her with a box instead and blocking traffic and, most importantly, calling a Queensland-based rescue group, called Batzilla the Bat.

The organization treats and advocates on behalf of the country’s bats, also known as flying foxes. Fruit bats, in particular, play a crucial role in a healthy ecosystem. As pollinators, more than 300 species of fruit depend on them, and they help regenerate forests by dispersing seeds.

They’re so critical to their environment, bats are considered a "keystone species" — so named because many plants and animals depend on them to survive.

Fortunately for Miss Alicia — and the rest of us — the prognosis, made back in July, was positive: no broken bones, only a slight concussion. And a mild case of grumpiness.

“She's been a bit cranky, so it's good to see her enjoying her banana,” one of her caregivers at Batzilla told ABC13 News. “I don't know if she can fit any more in there. I think that might be it. Oh, look at the cheeks.”

She has since recovered and peeled off to her colony back in the wild — but not before having a few sweet moments with her new favorite fruit.

You’ll forgive Miss Alicia for cramming it in — until her cheeks stretch to cartoonish capacity. In fact, you’ll more than forgive her. You might just melt a little and nod amen-ingly at the chubby-cheeked bandit who stole your heart.

Take your new life by the banana, Miss Alicia. You’ve earned it.