Barnes & Noble Want to Buy Your Books

Stacks of books on the floor, a chair, and a table

Jorg Greuel / Getty Images

No doubt this is nothing new, but having missed it, thought one or two others might’ve too. Like the story about eBay buying back electronics, this is much the same process. Tell Barnes & Noble online the ISBN of your book and they’ll tell you the price they’ll pay and should you agree to the value you’ll be sent some post-free mailing labels. The prices are however not much more than you’d get at your own garage or yard sale (like $2 for Jared Diamond's seminal Guns, Germs and Steel, or $1.75 for the equally classic, though decidedly less scholarly, Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You'll Go!). They’ll only take books in good condition. That means no mildew stains, missing pages, or lots of underlined text. Mostly B&N only want current textbooks, as well as recent hardcovers and paperbacks. Your collection of Mills and Boons, and Star Trek series are unfortunately not wanted. But otherwise it’s encouraging to see there is still a strong demand to keep pre-loved books in circulation. Learn more about B&N's book buyback.