Barier: The Soccer Ball Shaped House From Japan

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A man sits by soccer ball shaped emergency housing in Japan.

Koichi Kamoshida / Staff / Getty Images

It floats. It is earthquake proof. It comes in sizes from doghouse to full 30- tatami mat (540 square feet) family dwelling. The Barier is " a soccer ball-shaped house developed by us [G-Wood] (international patent pending). A soccer ball with which you played in your childhood gets bigger like a dream ball and appears as a place to live in. It floats on the sea and can be a rescue ship. We believe it will be a gift to those who never give up a dream."

It has urethane walls and like a geodesic dome, the shape encloses the maximum volume possible for the amount of skin and the airflow around it is not turbulent, carrying away less heat. "As its 32-sided, rigid surface distributes force, it is in structure strong with an earthquake. It can be used as an ordinary house. It is very strong when lifted or buried under the ground."
Here, in a medium sized unit, is a "unique pub-like, small room. You can enjoy a Nabe dish (assorted casserole)" on the central fireplace.


and here is the dog sized version.


it can be combined together in multiple-unit configurations. ::Barier from Japan's :G-wood via ::Splurch