Banksy Continues His Environmental Theme in Graffiti

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Banksy, that super-productive and ubiquitous graffiti artist, is at it again. Last week his work was popping up as a children's ride that was an anti-BP statement.

He is back from his North American tour, where he visited Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston, promoting his film and creating havoc wherever he went. This is not his first environmentalpiece; the controversial and on-going "I don't believe in global warming" series began it, but get a peek at some of his others.

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Calling this series Banksy Outdoors, it is a series of graffiti about corporate elites, environmental destruction and the canary in the cage, heralding the end.

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Although his pieces sell for hundreds of thousands, he also has a shop where he welcomes visitors to "please take anything from this site and make your own."

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However he warns that he "does not produce greeting cards or print photo-canvases or paint commissions or sell freshly baked bagels." And that he "cannot be found on facebook/twitter/myspace etc."