Banish 'Thigh Chafe' With These Simple Solutions

Public Domain. Unsplash

Women share their tried-and-true fixes for this incredibly common yet rarely discussed problem.

Women who do not experience 'thigh chafe' are like unicorns. I'm not convinced they really exist. Every other woman I've met probably knows exactly how horrible it is to walk around in hot, sticky weather with thighs rubbing to the point of pain. So what's the secret? Is there a way to fix chafing thighs without having to resign oneself to wearing pants all summer long?

This question was posed in a Facebook group that I follow for women who enjoy travel. Someone asked for advice on helping to avoid leg chafe and nearly 2,000 people answered within a few hours. The suggestions were great, and I thought they might be helpful for TreeHugger's readers as well.

1. Deodorant: Rub it on the inside of both legs and you'll be set for hours. It can feel a bit greasier than you're probably used to, but it's well worth the lack of discomfort. Some swear by solid, others by roll-on liquid.

2. Powder: Baby powder was mentioned, but unless you're buying a natural kind, there are health concerns. Cornstarch or rice flour are good alternatives. Many people say they use Gold Bond medicated powder to prevent chafing and to soothe irritation that's already there. Burt's Bees Daily Cream to Powder is another favorite pick, as it "goes on like a cream and turns to smooth powder." One user said she reapplies only once or twice on a very humid day. Silky Underwear (dusting powder) by Lush is another top pick.

3. Body Glide: This anti-chafing, moisturizing balm is designed specifically for anywhere on your body that chafes – underarms, chest, behind, thighs, feet, neck – and is supposed to feel dry and non-greasy. Numerous people raved about it in the Facebook forum I saw.

4. Megababe: You've got to love a company that starts out by saying, "Instead of pretending everyone has a thigh gap, what about thigh chafe, a real problem for millions of women?" Finally, some honesty about how our bodies work! Megababe sells Thigh Rescue balm, as well as Bust Dust (for your chafing chest), all of which are free from aluminum, parabens, and phthalates. It has rave reviews from multiple commenters.

5. Shorts: If your dress is long enough to accommodate, slip on a pair of workout shorts to pad the area. I sometimes do this if I have to ride my bike somewhere, then take them off once I arrive. Some brands, such as Jockey and Knix, make 'thigh saver' shorts that are specifically designed for this purpose. Spanx also work, but can feel uncomfortable in hot weather.

6. Cream or oil: A scoop of coconut oil, shea butter, or a dab of olive oil can reduce friction and last a while. Diaper cream and soothing calendula cream are also recommended.