Bags for Your Bulk Foods

Earlier today, I told you about National Bulk Foods Week and how buying food from bulk bins can save you money and reduce unnecessary packaging. One way to make buying from bulk bins completely waste-free is to use reusable, washable, lightweight bags that are designed to hold items like beans, grains, flour, dried fruits, nuts and more.

Try one of these brands of bulk food bags to make your bulk food shopping as waste-free as possible.

ChicoBag Hemp-Cotton Bag – I own this bag, and I use it all the time. The hemp cotton bag is made of a 70 percent hemp, 30 percent cotton blend — the ideal produce bag for green beans, nuts, grains and bulk food items. The fabric is designed to absorb excess moisture and restrict airflow. ($11.99 for 3 pack)

Kootsac – Sold on Etsy, these reusable bags were created by a clothing designer and textile artist. They are designed to hold nuts, grains, flours, spices, herbs, dried fruit, vegetables and fruit. Made from ripstop nylon, silk and cotton, they are lightweight, washable and close with a twist tie. (Prices vary. The 3-pack shown in the photo is $10.50)

Blue Lotus Reusable Produce and Bulk Food Bags – These bag are made from 100 percent organic cotton. The three bags of various sizes close with a drawstring, and if used for fresh produce can be moistened with water and the produce will stay fresh and crisp inside them in the refrigerator. ($7.99 for set of 3)

Hands on Hemp Bags – If you buy a lot of bulk foods each time you shop, these bags might be what you’re looking for. You get 12 bags (large and small) made from washable hemp that gets softer each time you wash it. (Starts at $31.56 for starter pack of 12 bags)

Once you get your bulk foods home, you’re going to need something air tight to store them in. Washed out jars with reusable lids make great storage for bulk foods. If you want something stylish to display your bulk foods on the counter top or open shelving, our home blogger Matt has 10 countertop storage solutions.