Bad Economy = Budget Home Cooking

People are cooking more in their own homes. (Photo: Nenad Stojkovic [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

As the economy remains unstable and people are looking to save money, home cooking is on the rise. Back in January, I reported that Gourmet predicted that home cooking would be hot this year. Now, almost halfway through the year, it seems their prediction was right.

Budget-friendly recipe websites are seeing increased traffic as people are looking to eat well but don’t want to spend the money on eating out. Interestingly, some gourmet recipe websites are seeing a decrease in traffic. A Wall Street Journal piece earlier this month gave some interesting statistics. (my own top go-to recipe site) has surpassed to become the most visited site with 7.3 million unique visitors this past March., a site that pulls recipes from recipe magazines and allows visitors to set up recipe files and shopping lists, has seen its traffic double recently. has seen a slight decrease in traffic overall recently, but a large increase in traffic to inexpensive and budget-friendly recipes., a gourmet website, dropped by almost 1 million unique visitors this past March.

The number of cookbooks being published has increased, too.

The number of cookbooks published in 2008 rose to 3,277 new titles up from 2,836 in 2007, according to the most recent data available from Books in Print, which is owned by R.R. Bowker.

How about you? Are you cooking more at home? Have you found any recipe sites that you find really helpful or any particular recipes that are fabulous, budget-friendly, and hopefully eco-friendly (remember many recipes can be made more eco-friendly just by using organic and local ingredients)? Please share them in the comments.