Bad Dogs Caught on Video

Some folks enjoy watching videos of cute kittens frolicking on the carpet. For me, it’s all about doggie destruction. Perhaps it’s because misery loves company. Perhaps I’ve come home to one too many rooms covered in toilet paper confetti, courtesy of my four-legged roomie, Lulu. For those who enjoy reveling in the mayhem caused by someone else’s four-legged bundle of joy, here are a few fun YouTube clips of doggie destruction.

No need for a nanny cam to figure out who committed the destruction in this video. At 110 pounds, it can be difficult to cover your paw tracks. Watch as the naughty dog sits quietly and listens to the 2 a.m. lecture.

Proudly perched in the middle of what was once a lovely couch, the boxer featured in this fun video simply poses for extreme close-ups. I love the music and camera work, which follows a path of torn cushions. Thankfully, Lulu prefers shoes.

Most dogs show at least a modicum of remorse when caught red pawed — or they just dash off. Not Reuben. He keeps chomping away at the bucket of kibble with reckless abandon. Adding insult to injury, this isn’t even Reuben’s kibble ... or his home. Reuben truly is a dog after my own heart.

Lulu likes to eat foam-filled beds, so I have been considering other options. After seeing the kind of damage “allegedly” caused by Blink the puppy, I’m striking beanbags off the list. How many little white balls go into a single bag? A lot.

You can lead a dog to chew toys, but you can’t make them play. This video perfectly captures the outrage that pet owners feel when they come home to find that dogs have ignored a basket full of toys in favor of more destructive options. Don’t miss the cat, who probably served as ring leader.

Remember, there truly are no bad dogs, only owners in need of new pillows, plastic containers, ties, shoes and other household items. (And they might want to consider some training classes, too.) Lest we forget what dogs can do when properly motivated, watch a dog named Monkey handle cleanup time like a pro.