The Backyard House: Built From Recycled Barnboards

backyard cottage exterior
©. Rise over Run

© Rise over Run

The TreeHugger aesthetic tends to be crisp and modern, but there is something so charming about Megan Lea's Backyard House. The certified sustainable building advisor has created what she calls a "beautiful, useful, artful, and comfortable space while minimizing environmental compromise."

backyard cottage closeup wood

© Rise over RunIt is built from recycled barnboard with copper roofing, and is inspired by, among other things, Bernard Maybeck's Mistake House from 1931, itself a test bed of building and design.

backyard cottage floor

© Rise over Run

The wood stove keeps it cozy and "makes it a year round backyard destination".


© Rise over Run

The stair up to a comfortable loft. Rise over Run, the name of the designer's firm, is a reference to stair design, how we measure the steepness of stairs.


© Rise over Run

It is really hard to take good photographs in such a small space; credit is due to photographer for making this look so good. The designer also credits design/builder quartertwenty with the construction.

recycled lighting

© Uwe Schneider and Rise over Run

Nice lighting details too, recycling some crazy thing on wheels.


© Rise over Run

Megan sent me this image, writing: "Attached is a current photo that shows the ivy in it's fall red brilliance. The leaves are just about to drop, but the color echoes the barn wood aesthetic. I thought you might appreciate this design detail."

Indeed I do. More photos at Rise over Run.