Wildlife Team Reunites Baby Otter With Its Mother

When a baby otter was found alone and struggling in the waters off Morro Bay, California on Feb. 4, a local fisherman called the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol for help.

Officials then contacted Mark Harris of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who found and saved the baby otter with help from the Marine Mammal Center.

Harris told The Tribune of San Luis Obispo that the otter was only 2 days old, and that he and his team used recordings of the baby otter's cries to try and find the mother.

About a mile away from where the baby otter was rescued, the team found a female otter that responded to the recorded calls.

You can see what happens after that in the video at the top of the page. The female otter comes rushing towards the boat as Harris gently tosses the baby into the ocean.

The mom spends a few seconds checking out the young otter and then cradles it as she begins to swim back to her group.

Now that's a good day's work.