Baby Goat Just Wants to Hang Out With Kittens

Hector is only 2 days old but he's curious and looking for some friends. So the newborn Nigerian dwarf goat toddles around the barn, searching for a little pint-size adventure. He finds three barn kittens and immediately decides he'll do what they're doing. That means making several valiant attempts before he is able to scramble ungracefully onto a bale of wood shavings. The kittens watch, relatively bemused, but when Hector finally makes it to the top of the bale, they take off. Poor Hector.

Later Hector follows his new feline friends around the barn at Sunflower Farm Creamery, a Nigerian dwarf goat dairy farm in Cumberland, Maine. They mostly ignore him until Hector checks in with his mom for a drink. His protective mother, Amelia Earhart, is not terribly thrilled with the curious kittens and lets them know.

The farm sells fresh goat cheese and offers goat yoga classes featuring special guests like Hector and his mom. There are live barn and pasture cams if you want to try to catch sight of Hector and his kitten friends. (Hector is the one that doesn't meow.)