Baby Emu Tests Limits of Basset Hound's Patience

The American Kennel Club describes the basset hound as "low-key" and "patient," but we all have our limits. One brave emu in Minnesota decided to test them.

This emu keeps pecking at a basset hound's trademark floppy ears in an attempt to stir up some fun. It even bolts away after a few seconds of pecking, perhaps in the hopes of initiating a chase. But the hound simply isn't interested ... or is it?

After a bit more pecking, this time around the snout and chest, the emu elicits a reaction from the hound. Perhaps it's time for a low-speed chase?That does not appear to be the emu's goal, however. Maybe it needs a bit more action. So it turns its attention to another basset hound, but this potential new playmate is more put off by the pecks than the last dog, flinching at each one.

Some basset hounds just aren't as patient as others, no matter what the AKC says.