Changing Color Takes Practice, Baby Chameleon

Tiny baby critters are always adorable, but a yawning 1-day-old chameleon doing a color change? While that's just too adorable.

The chameleon starts off a fairly solid green color, with small stripes of Caucasian-flesh tones. As it seems to take in a big breath and then yawn, dark spots and stripes begin to appear along its flank and the ridge of its back. By the end of the yawn, it has these dark spots on its chin, legs and tail as well.

Our favorite bit of the video, apart from how the entire process plays out, is that the chameleon seems to be much more aware of the humans staring at it after the color change. "Yes, I changed my pattern," it seems to be thinking, "Now can you please leave me alone? What, you can still see me? This didn't work out as I planned. Maybe if I alter my pattern a bit more." And then the dark spots around the chin and leg fade away a little bit.

It still doesn't work, little friend. We can still see you. But keep trying! Practice makes perfect!