6 Awesome Moleskine Hacks

A close up of a red moleskin journal.

Cindy Loughridge / Getty Images

It's easy to hit gadget overload, which is why there's still a hearty demand for moleskine notebooks, those top-notch quality pads that are in practically every bookstore and art shop worth their salt. For anyone who has a secret (or not so secret) obsession with moleskines, you'll know that while the famous notebooks are darn near perfect, sometimes they need a little customization. And that's when you get to practice a little of the DIY sensibility of the green movement. For instance, why aren't there little compartments for your pens? Or what if you want it to double as a wallet? Here are a few custom hacks for moleskine notebooks that we love. Secret Compartments

moleskine secret compartment image

Michael Mordant came up with a cool way to turn a moleskine into a case for your ipod or other items you want to keep incognito.

Writing Tool Artillery

moleskine pens image

Instructables user graphicsman shows how to make a really lovely cover for your moleskine to hold up to four writing utensils - perfect for if you use it as a sketchbook and you want several types of pencils, eraser, pen and so on.

Hidden Pen

moleskine hidden pen photo

Love this hack by Arsene to hide a pen inside the notebook. That way you don't loose the sleek look of your moleskine cover.

External Pen with Velcro

moleskine pen external photo

Of course, if you don't mind having a pen on the outside and you want a super quick fix for it, there's always velcro, as yoppy shows us.

Moleskine as a Wallet

molesine wallet photo

Middlekid3D has a brilliant solution for when you want to keep a stack of cards in your moleskine. This would be great for carrying business cards, credit cards if you treat it as your wallet, or all sorts of things.

Indexed Moleskine

moleskine indexed photo

Keeping tabs in your moleskine is a great idea for separating projects and entries, but unless you're using something like a city moleskine, you're going to come up short on options....unless you hack it, like yuiseki has done.