19 Awesome Animal vs. Animal Videos From YouTube

Photo: EcoPic/iStockPhoto.

While we love animals here at MNN, we're not above watching a good animal vs. animal video every now and then. Humans have been enjoying battles pitting Animal A against Animal B for thousands of years. The Romans set up huge fights between lions, tigers, bears, elephants, dogs, bulls, and even crocodiles that would be watched by thousands of spectators.

Polite society has mostly grown out of rounding up animals to fight for our enjoyment, but we still retain the basic desire to see a lion beat the crap out of a tiger — which is, more or less, why the Internet was invented. Here are 19 of the craziest animal vs. animal videos to be found on the Web. Enjoy.

Battle at Kruger

The battle at Kruger is hands down the craziest animal video in existence. It shows a herd of Cape Buffalo encountering a pride of lions and then a crocodile. The resulting eight-minute video is breathtaking and one of the most watched videos on the Web with over 50 million views. If you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a treat.

Chicken cops

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when the chicken cops come for you? These chickens run a tight ship and break up a fight between two bunnies before it gets ugly.

Gibbon taunts baby tigers

This gibbon has cajones. It also helps that the tigers are babies. I imagine their mom would make short work of Mr. Gibbon here.

Zebra vs. croc; zebra wins

In a fight between a crocodile and a zebra, you'd be foolish to not put your money on the animal with the huge mouth full of teeth. In this case, you'd end up having your money taken from you. Watch what happens when this zebra gets a little too up close and personal with a sneaky croc.

Lucky penguin

Orca whale parents teach their young to hunt using single prey animals, often penguins. The whales will group up and swing together so the young have time to work on their tracking and hunting skills. In this video one lucky and clever penguin took advantage of a boat full of Antarctic tourists to escape a hunting lesson.

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