Zeppelins are Back, Too

the zeppelin rises again photo

Sami noted that turboprops were back; It took a while, but Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin left an endowment to ensure that his eponymous airship rose again too. Sean Dodson of The Guardian is full of bad puns as he writes: "it's hard to keep an idea as audacious as the airship down. With the cost of oil at record highs, and airline chiefs warning of the end of cheap flights, the idea of the airship is being seriously floated once more."

The 12 passenger prototype is on its way to London, and then crossing the ocean and America to San Francisco. The Guardian concludes:

The rising price of oil may one day make them affordable. For a short-haul journeys, they could easily compete with the likes of ferries and trains, but the return to long-haul remains something of a dream. And yet who would have thought, a decade ago, that passenger airships would ever fly at all? ::Guardian