X-Prize to Offer $10m for Sustainable Jet Fuel

The X-Prize for Aviation
The X-Prize Foundation's efforts to encourage greener cars has already been attracting multi-million dollar sponsorships, and may have even inspired John McCain's proposed competition for better battery technology. Now the X-Prize Foundation is offering $10 million to anyone who can develop a clean, sustainable alternative to jet fuel. More from The Guardian:"Sarah Evans, vice-president for communications at the X Prize Foundation, said that the foundation would bring together experts in the aviation and green technology sectors, including representatives from the Federal Aviation Authority's commercial aviation alternative fuel initiative, to hammer out the exact details of the competition, with the aim of announcing final plans in summer next year.

"We hope to achieve new technological solutions in order to lower airborne pollution from air travel and to change public perceptions of what is possible in the field of alternative aviation fuels and technologies," she said."

The search for cleaner aviation is already underway, with major airlines like Air New Zealand setting ambitious goals for sustainable biofuels and Virgin boss Richard Branson developing his own alternatives. The X-Prize announcement will surely be a welcome boost to such efforts, though I'll still be taking the train whenever possible for some time to come.

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