Wretched Excess Dept: The Interiors of Private Jets

private jet interior photo

We do go on that flying is dying, and have complained before about the carbon footprint of private jets. We often complain about ostentatious monster homes. But I have never seen anything like a slideshow in the Telegraph of the interiors of the Monster Houses of the sky, the private jets of African dictators and other heads of state. They are absolute monuments of excess everything.

private jet interior photo 2

It is on display at the Brighton International Photography Festival, and is the work of little known photographer Nick Gleis, who specializes in this kind of work and will probably never get another job after making these public. Jason Kottke writes:

I couldn't decide which jet interior was the gaudiest, but this one is definitely a contender because of the classy naked ladies on the wall of the bedroom. Who knew that African dictators were so nostalgic for the set design of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

See the whole gaudy awful thing at the Telegraph
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