World's First LEED Platinum Aviation Hangar Completed

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Quite possibly the coolest aviation hangar on the planet, Hangar 25 of the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California is certainly the greenest. Shangri-La Construction will introduce its inaugural project this morning, and will get to show off the world’s first aviation hangar to get LEED Platinum certification.

What this hangar accomplishes is really amazing. Read on for the great details on its solar power capabilities, energy efficiency techniques, and green elements. Shangri-La Constructionfocuses on eco-conscious development and sustainable building. They’ve underscored their focus with this project.

"Our company focuses on corporate and institutional clients who want to lower their carbon impact, fight rising energy costs and stabilize economic uncertainties through cost-effective sustainable development," said Andy Meyers, President, Shangri-La Construction. "Hangar 25 represents the future of the commercial building industry as it demonstrates the financial viability of environmentally friendly construction. We prove that businesses can go green without sacrificing their balance sheets or high design standards."

The aviation industry certainly can use cleaning up - we've discussed this at length on TreeHugger. Jet fuel emissions, fossil fuel consumption, and consumer waste are all big contributors to the carbon footprint of the industry. Hangar 25 is an example of how the industry can be cleaned up through better construction.

Hangar 25's key sustainable design features include:
• Solar array that produces 110% of the building's operational electricity needs
• Electric tow and other vehicles powered by the solar array instead of diesel
• Daylight harvesting through strategic design including a diamond-polished concrete floor that reflects light, and does not use toxic sealants that require regular reapplication and maintenance
• A water-based hi-fog fire suppression system that eliminates toxic and ozone depleting chemicals that require storage infrastructure, regular replacement, and, if deployed, damage aircraft and require haz-mat cleanup
• "Big Ass Fans" and evaporative coolers employed to eliminate need for refrigerant-based cooling that increases thermal comfort by 10 – 20 degrees
• Plumbing that reduces water use by 60% through low flush, low flow and waterless fixtures to reduce the burden on city water supply and wastewater systems
• Sustainable landscaping including the use of drought-tolerant native plants and a no-mow, no-water Synlawn. (We strongly question the Synlawn....)

The unveiling happens today, and will feature some interesting entertainment, including plugging in a jet to the solar powered facility. If you’re in the Burbank area today at 10:30 am, it’s worth checking out this new facility to see what you think.

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