World's First AA Battery Powered Plane Gets Airborne


OK, so there were 160 AA batteries, and it only flew for less than a minute, to cover a little shy of 400 meters (~428 yards), but that is still a significant feat. Especially as it was a ‘personed’ flight, piloted by 53 kg (117 lb) Tomohiro Kamiya, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.The batteries used were Oyxride from Japan’s Matsushita Panasonic brand. The name being derived from their composition of Oxy Nickel Hydroxide. They are said to long-lasting, with 1.5 times the power of regular alkaline batteries. the flight on Sunday 16 July 06, was accredited by the Japan Aeronautic Association, as officially the world's first manned flight powered by dry-cell batteries. Oh, and funky curved wings stretch a full 31m (102’). Via ::Yahoo News UK.

PS. According to the Oxyride website, last year they also managed to power a (18kg) 40 lb car for 1.2 km (3/4 mile) on just 2 AA batteries! UPDATE: Have just noted that Linton posted about this car, yonks ago on Hugg.