What I Burned on My Summer Vacation


Every time we write about fear of frying/flying we get incredulous comments from readers in larger countries like Canada, the US and Australia thinking that those Brits are just nuts, but like it or not, it is coming to North America. Globe and Mail correspondent Doug Saunders says "a great number of reasonable people are expressing the view, which even a year ago was considered pretty flakey, that cheap and widely available air travel is a big part of this [global warming]. We have entered the age of the toxic vacation" Saunders goes on to point out how cheap air transport has had huge economic and social benefits, dramatically increasing the mobility of people and goods. However he reports that at a recent debate, John Adams, a University College professor, concluded: "Mobility is liberating and empowering, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing... The growth in the numbers exercising their freedom and power is fouling the planet and jamming its arteries." Saunders says that next year he is taking the train. ::Globe and Mail image from ::gathered images, which prints wonderful postcards on chlorine free 100% recycled paper with vegetable inks.