Virgin America Becomes First US Airline to Report Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

virgin america airplane in flight photo

photo: Virgin America

California-based Virgin America (which is an entirely separate company than Virgin Atlantic, by the way...) has announced that it has become the first US airline to join The Climate Registry, committing to report all of its greenhouse gas emissions:Young Fleet Helps Lower Emissions
Founded in 2007, Virgin Atlantic touts its fuel saving measures: It operates a very young fleet of aircraft (Airbus A320s) which on a fleet-wide basis means that Virgin America emits about 25% fewer emissions than other domestic carriers on the routes it flies. It also undertakes techniques such as single-engine taxiing, a limiting cruising speeds.

Keeping in mind that even if you fly only once or twice a year, and otherwise lead an exceptionally green life, airplane travel can be the single largest source of carbon emissions in your life, this is a good move on Virgin America's part.

By reporting its verified greenhouse gas emissions, it shows that it gets the new spirit of transparency and environmental accountability that we need in creating a greener economic recovery.

via: Virgin America (press release)

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