UPDATE: Air Travel Is Not Going To Be As Bad As We Thought


TreeHugger previously suggested that air travel was going to be so miserable, that we would all be treated like Cyrus the Virus in Con Air, strapped to our seats in orange jumpsuits, that people might just stop doing it, in our post Is Air Travel Now More Trouble Than It's Worth? Perhaps it won't be as bad as we said. The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security are now saying that the previous guidelines were not supposed to be public (but everyone from Gizmodo to travel journalists everywhere got copies) but also, according to travel website Flying with Fish:

The previous restrictions within SD-1544-09-0 for in-flight entertainment (IFE) have been lifted, as have the 1-hr prior to landing restrictions. These previous restrictions are now at the discretion of the flight crew. As of today, passengers may use the in-flight entertainment, their laptop, a blanket, the lavatory and access their carry-on bags within one hour of arrival.

Normal rules apply for putting your carry on bag away, switching off your electronics, putting your tray table up and your seat into the upright position.

So it didn't take long for sanity to rule, for the authorities to realize that people have bladders and that airline staff can't deal with three hundred cranky bored passengers squeezing their knees together. But that doesn't change our basic position: This continent needs an efficient, effective and fast rail system. If they can do it in China they can do it here.

More at flyingwithfish

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