Turboprops get Eco-labels


We mentioned earlier that perhaps with the right plane, flying isn't dying, noting that a modern turboprop like the Bombardier Q400 uses far less fuel and flies at an efficiency slightly less than a car and slightly above a modern train. The UK's Flybe has now produced an eco-label for their planes, which not surprisingly get a lot of A's compared to their competitors. However their process and calculations are open and available for review, and have been "subjected to an assurance process by Deloitte & Touche LLP, a leading professional services firm and represent best in class methodology and we expect the rest of the industry to follow suit." ::Flybe.

Americans will soon be able to fly Q4's from Denver on Frontier Airlines, where "Aggressive fares and higher fuel prices have forced all airlines to look for ways to keep and attract business as travelers forsake loyalty to a particular airline in favor of the cheapest ticket prices and most convenient ways to travel" - no word about flying green, just saving money. ::Press Enterprise