The New Air Force One Hybrid, 15-20% More Efficient

Air Force One hybrid

Our friends at HowStuffWorks had a look at the new presidential plane, Air Force One Hybrid. They break it down for you, from construction to operation.

It's particularly interesting to learn how the hybrid system works. "Air Force One Hybrid uses more than 2,000 lead-acid batteries in a parallel hybrid team with its four regular jet engines. That means that the plane's engines rely on a combination of fuel and battery power to turn, making them work more efficiently."

More details on fuel production after the jump."To keep the plane from relying on fossil fuels, Air Force One Hybrid's engines use a flexible fuel system. Every day, a special team collects used cooking oil from the White House, the Capitol building and other government-owned commissaries to be cleaned and reused as biofuel. In a pinch, and for areas where biofuels aren't readily available, jet fuel can still be used."

The new Air Force One should be 15-20% more efficient than its predecessor. Not quite there yet, but a step in the right direction.

Air Force One hybrid


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